You know that nervous laughter people get in really tense/scary situations? Like so they dont cry, but it ends up looking a lot like borderline hysteria? (Ryan knows, I get that way on some roller coasters)

Thats me right now. And every time any one mentions Glee from this day forward.

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5x20 reaction fic. Rachel/Kurt; Klaine. Words: 2130. A03.

After the excitement of seeing Sam’s naked chest ten feet tall on the side of a bus, and the remarkable coincidence of those street dancers pulling them all in to sing Pompeii, Kurt was ready to call it a day. It wasn’t until later that…

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blog hiatus


hey y’all. announcement time.

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Downloads for Glee behind the scenes videos and performances without credits


Since they tend to get taken down even from the official Youtube channel FOX has for Glee after a while.

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The ballot is now open! Vote for your faves and tune in when Lima Heights Adjacent Podcast counts down the top ten this June.

Voting ends June 1 at midnight EST.


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blog hiatus

hey y’all. announcement time.

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should someone tell him or?

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#when they’re forty sam will still call blaine up with random shit like this #and everyone will know who blaine is talking to because at some point #he’ll make his sam face #the face meant for sam’s ideas

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The Flash - Extended Trailer

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